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I am looking for creative people who would like to have some swapping fun, people who would like the exchange things like....
Random photographs, I want lots of photographs, pictures of you, your ex girlfirned/boyfriend, cookies you made yesterday, your dog/cat/fish, favorite sibling, the tree outside your window, your favorite blanket, your mom when she was 10, anything at all, especially if it is black and white, home made candy, hand made stationary, self decorated envelopes, zines, decos, art, art, art, creative ideas, poetry, random thoughts, dream journals, stories, collages, I once did a thing with this girl where we never wrote letters, we just sent each other random things, pictures, magazine cut outs, plane tickets, concert tickets, maps, art, anything that represented us, and told our story, that was really fun. really, anything creative, plus tea, stickers, long letters, cute japanese things, anything from other countries, including candy, envelopes, stationary, anything cute, small and very inexpensive, mixed cds, especially ones that mean something to you, randomly beautiful things you find laying around, an artistic portral of your favorite word, patterns, receipes, candy, things written in other languages, all things colorful, cute, pretty and wonderfully made by you, pages from old books, scraps of fabric, lace, tiny scrapbooks that tell me who you are, your life story, a visual representation of the one you love, postcards, dried flowers, stories of your broken heart, anything that creatively represents you. Give me your email and tell me what kinds of things you are interested in, and I will send you my address.
yay, I can't wait.... sorry if this is too long winded, I am sure most of you just skimmed through it though.
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